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List of Sexual Predators

Justin A. Moore – Dallas, Texas

This man is a sexual predator who preys on Young children who cannot defend themselves because He Is weak he has a very sick mind and is very very abuse he beats children after he molest them he has no heart for the parents of these kids what do you kids that are traumatized for… read more »

Gale Drenning — Annapolis, Maryland

Warning warning stays away from this lady she really is something else. She was my best friend of 30 years and I decided to let her watch my son and when my son I got picked up from her place, my father on the way home my son had told him that she had put… read more »

Carson Sisk — Kimball, Nebraska

Carson Sisk is sick and twisted in his mind he is a sexual predator at its finest he runs a daycare center is not a real business but for $20 you can have your kid watched all day and he watches up to 10 kids and a lot of the kids told their parents that… read more »

Sherry Evans — Vancouver, Washington

This woman is a sexual predator I had her as my babysitter and I had a baby camera set up to keep an eye on them and it shows on the video her playing with my son’s wee wee her giving him oral sex like how can you sit here and do that to a… read more »

Ashley Shelton — Johnson City, Tennessee

She took my 14-year-old son out to dinner and this predator vehemently tried to order every drink possible for my 14-year-old son. She was basically mostly silent, rude, and not too friendly. When she and my son went back to her place. My child was somewhat drunk. She then began staring with a sex toy… read more »

Cody Bishop — Winnipeg, Canada

Cody Bishop is your worst kind of pervert, He only like little girls so he can scare and control them. He will give them drugs and get them drunk so he can take advantage of them and rape and hurt them please beware.

Braxton Hawks — Winnipeg, Canada

This creep Braxton Hawks is the worst pervert in the world and he is a stalker, He is also very creepy and scares all us woman at our workout place called Snap-Fitness so watch your back girls when you are there working out. He is also very inappropriate and annoying comments to all us woman… read more »

Josh Croll — Winnipeg, Canada

This very dangerous predator is also very delusional and if you date him, ladies, you are very much at risk, So please be safe around him at beware of this obsessive creep. He’s scary he goes by two different names 1. Josh Croll and 2. Saul Lamont That’s how scary he is ladies. And men… read more »

Keith Raniere — Albany, New York

Keith was a self-prescribed spiritual leader who started a cult that preyed on young and vulnerable women. For years he used these women as sex slaves and forces them to perform acts on him. He also branded his initials into the women’s public areas. Keith was arrested in Mexico and is not facing charges in… read more »

David Christopher Miller — Dayton, Ohio

David is known to have used his fingers to explore the asshole of a 2-year old while the child’s mother was out of the house. A really good guy once you get to know him, just don’t let him watch your infant or change its diaper. Maybe he was just trying to figure out where… read more »