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List of Sexual Predators

Andrea Ramsey — Leawood, Kansas

Andrea made sexual advances towards a male subordinate while she was working at LabOne as an HR supervisor. The employee said that she started to taunt him after he declines her advances.. she is now stepping out of the political race and world after coming under fire for her history of sexual misconduct.

Blake Farenthold — Corpus Christi, Texas

This is a representative of the people of Texas – Blake is definitely a sexual predator and abuser at the office. He created not only a hostile work environment for all of his aides but he made lewd sexual jokes about them, forcing them to sometimes seek psychological help. He was always a bully and… read more »

Ken Friedman — New York

I used to work at his restaurant for years – Ken never stopped making sexual advances and crude sexual jokes about his servers in front of guests. He has asked me to have sex with him on multiple occasions and invited me to have group sex with him and some of his gross friends. Ken… read more »

Ryan Bentley — Boyne City, Michigan

He’s an absolute pig – he didn’t terrible things to my two friends by forcing them to have sex with him, he needs to go to jail for a long time and think about what he did to good people!! Ryan ruined the lives of innocent girls and I hope he never forgets that

Marshall Faulk — New Orleans, Louisiana

Makeup artist Jami Cantor is coming forward, claiming that Marshall and others at NFL Network sexually harassed, groped, and abused her. The harassment went on for a long time but wasn’t reported until October.

Robert A Carey — Medford, Massachusetts

Robert A Carey offered money for having sex. He is Married but still, he is not happy with his wife. He flirts with a girl & has sex with beautiful girls for money. He will seduce your girlfriend or wife if you let them work out at his rat infested back yard garage wannabe gym… read more »